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Written in Chalk

Written in Chalk:
the echo of Arthur Stace

This is the next chapter of the Eternity story, building on the work of internationally recognised cultural and artistic legends Arthur Stace, Martin Sharp, Ignatius Jones, Lawrence Johnston, Dion Beebe, Jonathan Mills and many others.

Written in Chalk looks at how the word Eternity has been used in Australia and around the world since appearing on the Harbour Bridge at the Sydney Millennium Celebrations.

The documentary celebrates the surprising ways in which the word Eternity has been embraced and adapted as an indelible vehicle of personal, social and cultural expression.  For more than 90 years, Eternity still captures our imagination, generates headlines, and continues to play a part in our cultural story.

This next chapter of the Eternity story features a broad cross-section of well known television and media personalities, internationally recognised theatre and opera producers, multi-award winning writers and authors, independent community artists, street artists, university lecturers, and social, political and environmental activists who each represent the Eternity story in their own unique ways.

Genre: History, Culture and Arts
Duration: 1 x 70 minute documentary
Availability: Completed



Eddie McGuire
Millennium TV Host

Amylia Harris
Eternity Playhouse Theatre

George Semaan
Eternity Cafe Owner

Sulari Gentil
Crime Fiction Writer

Ric Birch
2000 Sydney Olympics

Sir Jonathan Mills
International Opera Composer

Ignatius Jones
Millennium Fireworks

Loretta Alexander
Art Enthusiast

Wendy Murray
Social Activist / Street Artist

Frank Sartor
Sydney Lord Mayor (2000)

Dr Matthew Nott
Climate Activist

Remo Guiffre
REMO General Store

Trailer (3.30min)

Screener (full documentary - 70mins)

Richard Attieh
+61 2 9966 9596
+61 407 708 466

Scattered People

Music can heal and transform on a personal and community level. But can it bridge the divide between the west and some of the world’s most vulnerable people?

Through the eyes and hearts of two Iranian musicians seeking asylum, Scattered People is a story about the healing power of music, bringing together people, cultures and countries while exploring attitudes towards asylum seekers.

Featuring Australian and international musicians Archie Roach, John Butler, Missy Higgins, GANGgajang, Katie Noonan, Michael Franti, Dan Sultan, Baker Boy and The Cat Empire.

Why are we so hesitant to open our hearts and our borders to some of the most vulnerable people in the world?


Genre: Human Interest/Music Documentary
Production Company: Being Reel Films
Duration: 60min
Availability: Completed


Awards and Recognition:




Screener (full documentary – 60min):
Password: spfinal


Richard Attieh
+61 2 9966 9596
+61 407 708 466

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